Inmarsat's technology allows airlines to offer passengers inflight connectivity. Inmarsat's technology allows airlines to offer passengers inflight connectivity.

Inmarsat has launched SBTV, a new platform that enables airlines to provide real-time and updated on-demand entertainment content to passengers’ own devices. News, sports and other video content is transmitted to the aircraft over the SwiftBroadband network and then distributed wirelessly to passengers’ own devices.

SBTV enables airlines to select and tailor the volume and variety of content they offer their passengers, enabling customisation for specific routes or regions. Content can be uploaded live, and updated as often as the airline chooses. SBTV can be integrated on existing WiFi or IFE systems.

In related news, OnAir and Inmarsat have signed the official contract finalising the appointment of OnAir as the first distribution partner for Global Xpress (GX), the first global Ka-band network to provide inflight broadband connectivity for the aeronautical market. GX will provide passengers with ultrahigh-capacity Internet connectivity and will allow true live TV transmission. Global Xpress will provide up to 50mbps outbound and up to 4.4mbps inbound to and from the aircraft, providing the same experience as terrestrial broadband.

OnAir currently uses Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) to provide the connectivity for Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir, and has been jointly working with Inmarsat on a seamless deployment path from SBB to GX. In preparation for the introduction of Global Xpress, OnAir has already started to secure customers for the launch of the satellite service.

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