Maktabi Mobile is aimed at SoHos and SMEs and costs $30 per month. Maktabi Mobile is aimed at SoHos and SMEs and costs $30 per month.

Nawras has introduced Maktabi Mobile, a combined voice and mobile data package for small businesses and start-ups.

The bundle is aimed at SoHos and SMEs and customers can walk in to any Nawras store and have Maktabi Mobile activated.

The cost of the service is 30 Rials ($78) per month and includes five postpaid services, a 3G modem, 1GB of shared data and free calls within a personalised business group. Nawras says customers will save 30% of their monthly mobile access costs by signing up for the service.

Mohammed bin Jaffar Al Najwani, Nawras business data and Internet products manager, said, “Small businesses are a very important sector of the Sultanate’s economy and Nawras is very pleased to be able to help them reduce costs and better manage their mobile communications with products like Maktabi Mobile. Maktabi Mobile is a hassle free solution that makes it easy for our customers to focus on their business without worrying about mobile connectivity.”

He added, “The Maktabi Mobile bundle provides companies with a great value communications solution to help them grow. Companies can start with just five lines and our Maktabi Mobile product will grow with their company expansion. Maktabi will be the communications tool to help increase productivity and operational efficiency. The flexibility and value of Maktabi Mobile helps to maximise the resources of home businesses and smaller enterprises and is available for both current and new business customers.”