The counterfeit devices were found at a flat in International City, Dubai. The counterfeit devices were found at a flat in International City, Dubai.

A joint task force setup between the TRA and the Dubai Police led to the arrest of two “major dealers” of illegal mobile phones and the seizure of 1,900 fake telecoms devices worth AED 1.7 million ($463,000), the TRA said yesterday.

In the first of two operations, the joint task force located a residential flat used as a warehouse in Dubai International City. After the flat was raided by officials, over 600 illegal and counterfeit telecom devices were seized with an estimated value of AED 1.1 million. In the second phase of the operation and after extensive investigation and surveillance, the task force located the store of a wholesaler, where the authorities seized a whole range of illegal goods including more than 1,200 counterfeit mobile phones with a market value of AED 600,000. Both cases have been taken to court and legal proceedings are underway.


“This achievement comes as a result of the ongoing relationship the TRA has with other government departments who are all committed to ensuring a safe communications environment here in the UAE. Operations such as these are evidence of the strong bond between the authority and its strategic partners,” said Engineer Ahmad Al Shamsi, manager type approval, TRA.

Last year, the TRA ordered UAE telcos Etisalat and Du to disconnect subscribers using counterfeit handsets.