Google-owned Motorola will unveil its Moto X handset at a series of exclusive sessions in New York City, US, on 1 August, according to media outlets, which began to receive brand-embossed invitations on Friday.

When launched, the smartphone will aim to do battle with market leader Samsung and the still-prolific Apple Inc.

Analysts have long insisted Web giant Google should use its electronics acquisition to launch a competitive smartphone, given that loyalty to its acquired Android platform is not assured. Since the second quarter, reports of handset vendors' dalliances with other mobile operating systems such as Tizen, have spelt a possible future decline in Android's market share. The OS currently resides in the majority of smartphones sold.

Motorola represents a financial burden for Google, which acquired the business for $12.5bn and has yet to see a return on its investment. Q2 losses for the division reached $342m.

In May, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside, speaking at the D11 conference in California, US, described a device that would be smart enough to anticipate what users would require of it and cheap enough to start the overdue deflation of smartphone market prices.