Chris Wood, CEO, WIOCC. Chris Wood, CEO, WIOCC.

WIOCC, a provider of wholesale capacity in Africa, has partnered with local Somalian shareholder Dalkom Somalia to connect Mogadishu to the rest of the world.

The companies will connect Mogadishu via the EASSy submarine cable from Q1 2014, with capacity available from 2Mbps to 10Gbps and above.

Furthermore, WIOCC’s partner, Dalkom Somalia, is building a 1,000 sq m data centre to host equipment for all Mogadishu telcos and ISPs to give a direct connection into the international fibre network.

Chris Wood, CEO, WIOCC, said: “Until now, Somalia has been served exclusively by satellite – with high costs and limited bandwidth severely restricting the rollout and uptake of internet access and advanced services. WIOCC and Dalkom will be the first into commercial operation with international fibre-optic connectivity direct into Mogadishu.”

Wood added that the new services will reduce the cost of international bandwidth and drive significant improvements in performance. “I anticipate huge benefits for telcos and internet service providers, local and international businesses, Embassies and other foreign government facilities, and the academic and research community in Somalia,” he said.

Mohamed Ahmed Jama, CEO of Dalkom Somalia, said: “As has been seen in other African countries over recent years, access to affordable, high-speed, international connectivity has a significant impact on economic, political and social development and improvements happen relatively quickly.”