Social Media Week in Lagos, held from 22 to 26 February witnessed workshops, masterclasses and events, and proved to be a great opportunity for Facebook to showcase its commitment to Nigerian content partners and developers. Not long ago, a Reuters report had drawn attention to the enormous number of Facebook users in the major African markets Nigeria and Kenya.

Emeka Afigbo, Product Partnerships Manager at Facebook, said: “With 16 million people in Nigeria visiting Facebook each month, we are constantly looking for ways to deepen our partnerships in the country. Social Media Week in Lagos was a perfect opportunity for us to spend time with the Nigerian developer and content community to share expertise and get feedback to shape our strategy going forward.”

“We were inspired by the innovative thinking that we saw from the Nigerian partner community, and look forward to working with them to deliver rich, personalised services and solutions for people and businesses in West Africa. Nigeria’s agencies, people, and businesses are ahead of the curve in using mobile-first solutions to connect.”

Developers were given advice about how to increase their consumer base and engagement using tools such Facebook Social Graph, Analytics for Apps and other APIs. The programme included a heavy focus on mobile development, especially on the Android platform.

Facebook also updated the Nigerian market about the progress of Free Basics; It has added a number of new partners to the Free Basics ecosystem, including the SmartBusiness website that helps people get information to launch and run businesses using any web enabled phone or computer.