Dmitry Okorokov: Dmitry Okorokov: "Along with making it possible for anyone to plan and build a wireless network, it also delivers more accurate results.”

InfiNet Wireless has launched InfiPLANNER – a cloud-based point-to-point (PTP) link planning service aimed at improving the user experience and enabling anyone, regardless of their level of technical knowledge, to build and plan a wireless network.

The service consists of three steps: plan, estimate and deploy. The interface has been specifically designed to simplify the user experience by leading the customer through all stages of the process, assisting partners and customers alike in the presale and marketing process and carrying out estimations for throughput, distance and availability in just a few clicks.

Users can choose between two types of estimations – Abstract Line of Sight (LoS) link estimations and Geo-based link planning. The former is a handy presales and marketing tool to quickly respond to customers’ requests for information, while the latter provides a sophisticated environment for estimating the performance of links between the points with known coordinates.

Dmitry Okorokov, chief executive officer at InfiNet Wireless, said: “The new InfiPLANNER is part of our ongoing efforts to improve our core products – as well as the auxiliary tools. Along with making it possible for anyone to plan and build a wireless network – including those with only basic knowledge of radio technology and limited human resources – it also delivers more accurate results.”