Roman Izquierdo, head of analytics practice, Delta Partners Roman Izquierdo, head of analytics practice, Delta Partners

Datafarm, the new service line of Delta Partners, is going to enable the proper alignment of analytical execution with the CEO agenda to improve competitiveness, says Roman Izquierdo, head of analytics practice, Delta Partners.

CommsMEA: What’s the prime objective of Datafarm?

Over the last 10 years, Delta Partners has been on a journey to increase the competitiveness of TMD companies working with over 100 clients in more than 70 countries and delivering over 1,000 consulting engagements, indirectly serving more than 2.3bn mobile customers. Now we are going one step further with Datafarm. Our new analytics service line, Datafarm, will engage with clients on a long-term basis and provide ongoing support for the operationalisation of the best practices in data intelligence.

CommsMEA: What do you consider to be the USP of the new service line?

Through Datafarm our clients will have our advisory power linked to the subsequent enablement of the analytical tools and capabilities required to structurally execute strategic initiatives. This is a rarity in this industry as analytical day-to-day execution is frequently misaligned to the CEO agenda which inevitably generates low return on investment. Our dedicated team of data scientists and analytics consultants will make our own methodologies, data models, in-house big data platforms and frameworks available to our clients under our well-known Delta Partners spirit: commitment, creativity and passion.

CommsMEA: What are the services Datafarm delivers?

Datafarm supports clients both in analytics enablement as well as analytical execution. By analytics enablement, we refer to the range of activities required to ‘build and run the data factory’, including management of transformational BI programmes, management of data ecosystems, Big Data enablement, and creation of dashboards and analytical solutions. On the other hand, analytical execution encompasses the activities and programmes required to ‘extract value from that data factory’ which includes advanced analytics modelling, big data monetisation, analytics ‘SWAT’ teams to run strategic programmes and customer base management analytics, etc.

CommsMEA: How will operationalisation of analytical intelligence enable telcos to boost revenues?

Datafarm helps TMD clients to extract more value from data through analytics, which translates not only in opportunities to boost revenues, but also to optimise OPEX and CAPEX. Depending on the focus of the engagement, Datafarm can help to generate short-term performance impact, for instance we recently collaborated with a large mobile operator to drive the execution of a broadband monetisation programme, which in six months resulted in a 45% increase in revenues for a targeted segment. Given current pressure for cash flow generation in this industry, we also run surgical and data driven programmes to reduce CAPEX and rationalise costs, reducing CAPEX needs by up to 15% while delivering the same top line.