As Ooredoo added its tenth 5G ready base station, Ooredoo Qatar CEO, Waleed Mohammed Ebrahim Al-Sayed said that the telco is hoping to have 5G speeds available by the end of the year and is already looking to colloborate with partners to ensure that a full range of 5G-ready devices and smartphones will be available for Ooredoo customers in Qatar.  The company has already started reducing the latency of its network towards 1 ms – the standard specified by the ITU as the proposed baseline for next generation 5G technology.

In addition, Ooredoo has ensured that it has sufficient bandwidth by deploying advanced fibre network using the latest GPON technology.  In the meanwhile, Ooredoo continues to test important 5G equipment, software and spectrum requirements leading up to the standardisation of 5G technology towards the end of 2017, after which technology partners and handset manufacturers will launch their 5G offerings.

Al-Sayed further said: “If you look at the history of our network, Ooredoo has always been a regional pioneer, ensuring that the people of Qatar enjoy the best network and fastest data experience. By creating a 5G-ready network, we believe we will be among the first operators in the world to offer incredible 5G speed and services for all our customers.”