The UAE's TRA offers key information and advice on cyber security in the wake of the global 'wannacry' virus.


• What is the this virus:

It is a malicious program that affects smart phones and computers, encrypts and locks their data so that it can not be accessed until payment is made.


• How can the virus  penetrate you?

1. The victim receives a message or link from an anonymous person, the content of the link is a file containing malicious software.

2. The sender tempts the victim to download the file by deceiving him that the message contains important or personal files.

3. The user uploads the file to his or her smartphone.

4. The virus encrypts important data in the device or encrypts the entire device, so that the user can not access his data.

5. The offender asks the victim for money / a "ransom" in exchange for the decoding of the data and returning it to its nature.


How do you reduce your risk of exposure to this virus?

- Make sure to back up your device data constantly, to recover it if you are infected with the virus.

- Avoid opening links from unknown sources, and do not upload files sent by anonymous people via e-mail.

- Use anti-virus software and make sure it's original, and update it constantly

- Update the operating system of your phone and PC continuously, and be sure to update the software in it.

- Avoid access to suspicious sites

- Be sure to download software and applications from their official sources and avoid pirated programs


What to do if your computer gets infected with the virus

- Avoid obeying them. If you pay the required amount, they will continue to extort and ask for more money.


What to do if your computer is infected with the virus

• Avoid obeying them, if you pay the amount required, they will continue to blackmail you and they'll ask for more money.

• If the affected device is affiliated to your organization, inform the IT department directly.

• If the affected device is your personal computer, take it to the authorized dealer.

• Stop operations on the device or network directly and restore the backup .