Dedicated internet solution improves Zain Saudi's ICT portfolio Dedicated internet solution improves Zain Saudi's ICT portfolio

Zain Saudi Arabia has launched Dedicated Internet Access Solution  service (DIAS), a service designed exclusively for corporations to cater for their internet communication needs. It provides reliable means with a leased circuit connected to customer’s LAN/WAN with high speed connection for running various Internet applications. 

The operator has said that this service will provide corporate clients with an unlimited internet access coupled with symmetrical uplink and downlink speed and a dedicated data throughput. This will be available with various billing options, and competitive priced service plans. 

“Our customers will benefit significantly from such high reliability, dedicated internet solution based on  Zain’s LTE Advanced network; it’s  a unique opportunity to our enterprise base to maximise their productivity. We look forward to continuing our partnership with our valuable clients and enabling their business to succeed via state-of-the art communications solutions,” said Sherif Khairy Tahoun, chief sales officer at Zain Saudi Arabia

More information are available here.