Fingerprint registration ensues in Bahrain after KSA Fingerprint registration ensues in Bahrain after KSA

Batelco has expressed support for TRA Bahrain’s new rules for postpaid and prepaid mobile services, which come into effect on 12th July, 2017.

The regulations state that all individuals as well as commercial and government organisations applying for new mobile services (whether postpaid and/or prepaid lines) must provide the relevant documentation as outlined by the TRA. As part of the new regulations, the authorised person/s applying for the service will be required to provide a valid ID and scan their fingerprint.Fingerprint scans will be verified by the IGA (Information and eGovernment Authority). Furthermore, the TRA has introduced a limit to the number of prepaid lines that can be registered under one ID (whether for individuals or commercial entities).

Batelco is in the process of notifying all its commercial and government customers about the newly required registration details. Batelco’s commercial and government customers may call 17881144 while consumers may contact 196 for support.