Ash Banerjee Ash Banerjee

By Ash Banerjee

The world today is a low-trust environment and brands have to earn or retain credibility every second. The pervasiveness of telecoms services in our lives makes that really difficult for telco brands; the category has made things difficult for itself by making big promises via brand advertising campaigns, then under-delivering against peoples’ expectations of customer experience.

Meanwhile, app-based OTT brands which work off the same device and network as the host telco offer good and in some instances great experiences, adding to customer frustration with their telcos’ inability to follow suit. This then leads to customer discontent, evident via low CSAT and NPS scores and public expressions of dissatisfaction on social media and via general attitudes.  It’s sad to see that the average NPS for mobile telcos is +5, much lower than that of other sectors.

Telcos have responded by investing vast amounts of time, effort and money in experience-enhancing initiatives to bridge the gap vs. promise to raise CSAT and NPS levels, but success has been limited at best.

Is there a way out? What should telco brands do?

I believe telco brands need to do four things well to be able to prevail.