The most noticeable benefit has been the reliability of the network, says Jubran. The most noticeable benefit has been the reliability of the network, says Jubran. "We no longer have any downtime or performance loss."

Connect, Lebanon’s premier ISP, chose InfiNet Wireless solutions to serve as the backbone of its new wireless network infrastructure. The upgrade was aimed at enabling Connect to meet the high-bandwidth and zero-downtime demands of premium residential and enterprise customers across the country, while at the same time significantly reducing maintenance and service costs.


Connect was using a WiMAX Network, on the 2.3 GHz frequency band, to serve residential customers. While it was able to meet the standard bandwidth requirements of the residential customers, it didn’t suffice for the high bandwidth requirements of some of the premium residential and corporate customers such as banks and retail outlets. The existing WiMAX platform was limited to 5 Mbps for downlink and 2 Mbps for uplink.

To serve premium and corporate customers, Connect had to use Wi-Fi based point-to-point (PTP) solutions available in the local market but the frequency bands that it was operating in started to suffer from major interference issues, resulting in a further drop in capacity and decreasing reliability. More importantly, the deployed Wi-Fi platform proved to be extremely temperamental – links went down frequently and it ultimately got to a point where it required sending field engineers to troubleshoot outages and maintain the network on a daily basis.

“Not only was this a drain on our resources and added significant costs to our operations, but we had several unhappy customers which was hurting our reputation and revenue streams,” Jubran El Ayan, RF Manager at Connect said.