Zain Jordan reaches 350,000 mobile broadband users

Operator upbeat after surpassing its own forecasts for subscriber uptake
Dr. Abdul Malek Al-Jaber said Zain Jordan's HSPA+ network already covers 99% of Jordan's population.
Dr. Abdul Malek Al-Jaber said Zain Jordan's HSPA+ network already covers 99% of Jordan's population.


Zain Jordan has already attracted 350,000 users to its mobile broadband network since launching the service in February.

The company’s CEO, Dr Abdul Malek Al-Jaber said that within a month of launching the service, Zain Jordan had 100,000 subscribers, which was five times its original expectation.

The company now has a total of about 350,000 users, with 100,000 subscribers opting for mobile data via dongles, and about 250,000 subscribers using the HSPA+ network via their smartphones.

Al-Jaber also confirmed that the HSPA+ network covers 99% of the population of the Jordan.

“We already have full country coverage, it is identical to the 2G coverage which is 99% of the population of Jordan, so with regards to HSPA+, we have identical number of towers - 1,200 towers for 2G, and the same for HSPA+,” he said.

Al-Jaber attributes the rapid growth in subscriber numbers to the type of mobile broadband packages that Zain Jordan offers, and a marketing campaign that focused on applications and services.

“We educated the customers about what they need depending on their usage. If he is just going to Facebook and social media, it is not the same as if he is using Youtube or watching movies. Based on the customers’ needs we will advise them whether they should go for the 1 gig or 5 gig package for example,” Al-Jaber said.

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