WASACE cable system to link Africa to Americas

New cable project set to link Africa to North and South America and Europe
The project comprises four cable systems that are expected to go live in Q1 2014.
The project comprises four cable systems that are expected to go live in Q1 2014.


Africa is set to gain a new fibre optic links to the Americas and Europe from early 2014, following the launch of a new subsea cable project.

The cable system, which is called WASACE, will comprise four cables linking Africa, South America, North America and Europe.

The project is headed by WASACE Cable Company Worldwide Holding, a multinational development company represented by CEO Ramon Gil-Roldan of Spain. Project development will be managed by the David Ross Group in the US.

WASACE said in a statement that “billion of US dollars” are being invested in the project, which will be the largest project of its type ever mounted in the Atlantic Ocean.

Investors in the project include the international private equity investment firm VIP Must, and the African Development Bank, as well as Brazilian and other investors.

A spokesman for WASACE told CommsMEA that the company intends to get all four cables built by the end of the first quarter of 2014, prior to the World Championship that will take place summer 2014 in Brazil.

“We will ask submarine cable vendors for a proposal and select the vendor in Q1 2012. A supplier contract will be signed Q2 2012,” he said.

WASACE has established already landing partnership agreements in several countries, and we are working right now on the missing agreements, the spokesman added.

WASACE claims that it is the first trans-Atlantic system to deploy the next-generation “100G” technology, with ten times the capacity of previous systems.

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