Mobily launches web-provisioned Cloud Server

Saudi telco launches infrastructure as a service for business customers
Al-Kaf said that Cloud Service marks a shift away from client-server technology.
Al-Kaf said that Cloud Service marks a shift away from client-server technology.


Saudi Arabia’s Mobily has launch an infrastructure as a service offering under the brand Cloud Server.

The telco said that the service aims to address the “complexity, inefficiency and inflexibility” of standard IT models by offering scalable IT resources like CPU, memory, network, software and storage via the cloud.

Cloud Server is based on the OSSM model, which stands for “On-demand, Self-service, Scalable and Measureable”, the company said.

The service allows the customer to focus on their main business and rather than building and managing their own IT infrastructure.
It is intended to reduce total cost of ownership, and removed the need for any initial investment in IT. Instead, customers pay predictable monthly service charges.

Khalid Al-Kaf, CEO, Mobily, described Cloud Server as a “paradigm shift” from client-server technology. “It delivers convenient, on-demand access to highly available pools of resources with same level of security and reduces the provisioning times from weeks to minutes,” he said. “With Mobily Cloud Server services the payback period for customers is months instead of years.”

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