Wataniya deploys internet caching tech

Huawei deploys caching solution for Wataniya Kuwait
A Huawei technician working on the deployment.
A Huawei technician working on the deployment.


Wataniya Telecom, a mobile operator in Kuwait, has deployed an internet caching technology from Huawei.

The tech will help Wataniya improve the efficiency of its network by allowing it to reduce unnecessary data transfer by more than 50%.

"The rapid development of mobile broadband services requires carrier networks to bear tremendous traffic as well as ensure an excellent user experience,” said Hisham Siblini, CTO, Wataniya Telecom.

“Designed for a smooth expansion, Huawei's Internet Cache Solution enables us to exploit existing network facilities and provide more on-demand services to our users," he added.

The solution will help Wataniya to improve mobile broadband internet speeds while increasing its return on investment.
Huawei's internet cache solution has been implemented by various telecom operators including M1 Singapore and China Mobile.

Earlier in the month, Wataniya said that it was planning to upgrade all of its mobile broadband base stations to Single RAN, and had already signed letters of intent with Ericsson and Huawei for the project.

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