Du launches LTE in UAE

UAE telco has launched LTE on 1800Mhz spectrum
Farid Faraidooni said that Du's LTE network will offer the fastest mobile broadband speeds in the UAE.
Farid Faraidooni said that Du's LTE network will offer the fastest mobile broadband speeds in the UAE.


Du has launched LTE services in the UAE on a network that is capable of speeds of up to 150mbps.

Farid Faraidooni, chief commercial officer, Du, said that the telco has launched LTE services on its 1800Mmhz spectrum, and added that it has tested dongles and tablets in its lab.

“Our network is ready for 150mbps speed, but the devices out in the market can support a speed of 100mbps,” he said.

“Our LTE network is taking online connectivity to the next level. Customers with an LTE Internet Key can experience some of the fastest internet connection speeds in the world,” Faraidooni said.

“This is the kind of Real Mobile Broadband speed that creates significant positive impact in one’s day-to-day activities especially in today’s face paced world; with the improved download speeds of up to 2.3 times faster compared to HSPA+.”

The cost for Du’s LTE Internet Key is a one-off payment of AED799 ($217.5) for the device, plus AED55 for a monthly data line. Anl LTE 25GB bundle is available for AED500.

The UAE is among the first few countries in the region to use the latest generation of LTE 4G mobile networks, which makes Du the first to introduce LTE 1800MHz technology, compared the currently used 2600 MHZ spectrum which is commonly used by operators around the world.

LTE1800 MHz will improve cell-edge speed, extend site coverage, and provide better indoor coverage compared to LTE 2.6GHz, according to Du. LTE evolution is selected to complement the existing HSPA+ mobile broadband network.

Du’s LTE network currently covers 27.8% of the population of the UAE and 35.3% of urban areas, according to the report.

Faraidooni added that the telco was ready to launch the LTE network in December 2011, but held back owing to a lack of LTE-enabled devices in the market.

Du’s competitor, Etisalat, launched LTE services in December 2011.

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