Kenya's telecoms minister outlines LTE plans

Kenya aims to secure spectrum in 700 band for LTE services, says minister
Kenya's minister of information and communications said that the government had set up a consortium to assess models for issuing LTE spectrum.
Kenya's minister of information and communications said that the government had set up a consortium to assess models for issuing LTE spectrum.


Kenya is evaluating policies to release spectrum for LTE for use by the country’s telecom operators, according to Hon. Samuel L. Poghisio, Kenya's minister of information and communications.

The government formed a consortium consisting of Kenya’s main operators to address the issue earlier this year, and the mobile operators have agreed on an open-access model, Pohisio told CommsMEA.

The government will release LTE spectrum in the 700 band, but has still not yet decided whether it will auction the spectrum or use it as part of a “government investment”, he added.

“We decided to do a study first on what’s the best method to invest in LTE. We are looking at all the options. It is easier obviously to just auction it and get the money and go, but in Africa I think we have to re-think that, because after you have taken the money and gone, it is already gone to do something else,” he added.

He added that the 700 band spectrum is currently being used by security services, and that the ministry is working to obtain it.

The development could help make Kenya the second country to launch LTE services after South Africa, which became home to Africa's first LTE network in October.


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