Bharti Airtel overhauls its African networks

Ericsson completes network upgrade across Airtel's African operations
Bharti Airtel has upgraded all of its African networks.
Bharti Airtel has upgraded all of its African networks.


Indian telecoms giant, Bharti Airtel, has upgraded its network infrastructure for each of its 16 African units.

The program, which was billed as the largest project of its kind in African telecoms history, was carried out by Swedish telecoms vendor, Ericsson.

The project involved the upgrade and expansion of switching, radio, network management, data, charging, and consumer-services platforms and systems for each of Airtel’s African operations.

The project was intended to improve Airtel’s network capacity, robustness and flexibility.

Airtel also upgraded the charging platforms across its African operations, introducing the latest version of Erisson’s charging system. This will enable it to offer subscribers more tailored services, and new value-added services such as mobile money and transfers.

Eben Albertyn, chief technical officer, Airtel Africa, said that the upgrade would allow it to provide its subscribers with “the best network possible” and address growing demand for mobile data.

Lars Lindén, head of Ericsson Sub-Saharan Africa, added: "The focus of this project was transforming Airtel Africa’s networks to meet current and future consumer demands."

The project involved some 12,000 consulting and systems integration professionals around the world, while more than 100 staff worked onsite.

This program was part of an ongoing five year multi-country managed services agreement with Ericsson that was announced in 2011.

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