Orixcom launches virtual PoP service in MEA

Virtual PoP will enable companies to offer capacity in the region
Andrew Grenville, CEO, Orixcom, is determined to shake-up the PoP market in the region.
Andrew Grenville, CEO, Orixcom, is determined to shake-up the PoP market in the region.


Orixcom, a Dubai-based provider of next generation international network connectivity, data centre and exchange services, has launched virtual PoP (point of presence) services from its hub in the UAE.

The virtual PoP service is aimed at customers that want to rapidly extend their network presence and offer services in the Middle East and Africa without the risk and investment required to establish a physical presence.

Orixcom’s service enables a fast expansion of services over a next generation network which enables customers to enter the MEA market immediately.

Andrew Grenville, CEO of Orixcom, said that the service will allow operators in other parts of the world to offer capacity, bandwidth and Ethernet services in the region from their existing PoP locations.

Grenville expects the service to increase competition in the PoP space as it will allow more international operators to add the MEA region to their existing points of presence without the need to deploy expensive infrastructure.  “With this flexible and cost efficient solution, customers can confidently grow their businesses and deliver new revenue streams in the Middle East and Africa.”


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