Orange to drop France Telecom brand

French incumbent embraces Orange to simplify its brand
Orange has a strong presence in the MEA region.
Orange has a strong presence in the MEA region.


France Telecom-Orange said that it will adopt Orange as its official name on July 1.

The telco, which is already widely known as Orange, said that the change in its corporate brand had been approved at its annual shareholders' meeting this week.

Since 2006, the telecom group has gradually simplified its visual identity in France and internationally for its various stakeholders.

Orange is now the brand used by all of its commercial operations across fixed, mobile, TV and internet, and corporate activities.

However, in its corporate literature, the company often refers to itself as ‘France Telecom-Orange’, a practice that will be abandoned on July 1.

“Changing the name of the company and its shares is a natural step in the process towards the simplification and unity of the Group’s activities,” the firm said in a statement.

In January, struggling handset maker BlackBerry also simplified its branding by dropping its former corporate name, Research In Motion, in favour of BlackBerry.

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