Samsung Galaxy S4 explodes, decimates house

Hong Kong resident reports ususual noise from phone battery while gaming
It took 30 minutes to extinguish the flames. (
It took 30 minutes to extinguish the flames. (


A Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded in its user's hands and set his house on fire, online media reported yesterday.

The incident, involving a Hong Kong resident identified as Mr Du, was first reported by Chinese website on Saturday. Du reported that he had been playing the game Love Machine when he heard a popping sound coming from what he assumed to be the phone's battery.

Du instinctively threw the phone at his sofa, which immediately caught fire. Both he and his wife made it to safety, but by the time firefighters arrived on the scene the fire had spread considerably - even reaching Du's Mercedes, parked outside - and it took 30 minutes to extinguish the flames. An initial investigation into the blaze concluded no suspicious circumstances.

The incident is not the first involving a Galaxy S-class. Two reports of Galaxy S3s exploding or catching fire have previously surfaced, one earlier this month in Switzerland and one in Ireland last year. According to Samsung fan site SamMobile, cases such as this "have all been caused due to the customer's use of fake parts (batteries, chargers etc.)", but Du insists he used genuine Samsung components.

Samsung is not the only handset vendor to find itself at the centre of a safety scare. Earlier this month in China, a woman died from an apparent electric shock while answering her still-charging iPhone 5, and within a week a man in Beijing lapsed into a coma in identical circumstances involving his iPhone 4.

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