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Mohammed Kazmi comments the cloud opportunities in the MEA region
Mohammed Kazmi, senior manager, Product Development and Marketing at Zajil.
Mohammed Kazmi, senior manager, Product Development and Marketing at Zajil.


CommsMEA What are the pros and cons of using non-local cloud services?

With the abundance of non-local cloud services the customers get to choose from various vendor offerings and at lower price points. Whereas, the cons could be many and varied. Non-local clouds might be non-compliant with the local laws and hence many customers from particular industries will not be able to go for non-local clouds. On the other hand local clouds meet the local compliance requirements and also adhere to the international standards.

Local support is always much easier to reach to and the infrastructure and the data being locally hosted makes support related tasks much easier for the customers.

CommsMEA Zajil offers a Private Cloud Infrastructure solution, not shared or multi-tenant. What kinds of companies are requesting this solution?

Zajil provides both the Private Cloud Infrastructure and also the public cloud (shared or multi-tenant) environment. We offer flexibility in terms of infrastructure provisioning. Large customers often prefer private cloud infrastructure mainly to be used as disaster recovery environment.

We are seeing many companies both large and small are opting for shared environment these days as they are getting confidence in the high level of security offered today; obviously they want to take advantage of lower prices. Zajil’s Cloud is PCI DSS Certified and that gives a lot of confidence.

CommsMEA What challenges does ‘BYOD’ bring to security in the cloud? How can this security challenge be faced?

Security in general is a very critical concern and needs to be addressed properly in order to for any service to be successful.

Cloud services are no exception and security in the cloud is a bigger concern as the customers need to trust the service provider for securing their data.

With proper implementation of security technologies and having standards based processes these concerns can be addressed with different solutions.

CommsMEA What are Zajil’s predictions for future cloud trends?

Zajil started providing Cloud Services in early 2012 and since then we have been noticing a steady growth in the customer acceptance. Middle East market is always slow to adapt to new trends but once the trend catches up, it grows rapidly and it is one of the most lucrative markets.

Cloud will become a standard service used by every type and size of customer very soon. We are investing heavily in the cloud services in the region and with the right partners, we will be successful.

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