O3b, MEOSAT to provide connectivity to oil fields

Deal aims to serve MEOSAT's oil industry clients in Southern Iraq
MEOSAT to provide connectivity to oil fields, O3b


Dubai-based MEOSAT is a next generation internet service provider delivering communications to the oil and gas industry. The company will use the capacity provided by O3b to serve oil industry clients in Southern Iraq.

Michael Iwanow, CEO of MEOSAT, said: “We pride ourselves on serving customers with best in class services. Oil rich Southern Iraq’s high demand for reliable, low latency service was the deciding factor when it came to selecting the O3b network. Fiber-like connectivity with a consistently high level of reliability is exactly what our customers’ need.”

Imran Malik, O3b VP Asia Pacific & The Middle East, said: “Our agreement with MEOSAT is a great show of confidence in O3b from the energy sector. Our oil & gas customers have been searching for connectivity to their remote installations that matches terrestrial connectivity in speed and latency, and they demand proven, reliable technology. O3b has developed a great solution and is proud to be supporting MEOSAT in the dynamic Iraqi market.”

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