IBM: Analytics to meet customer demand

How operators can use analytics to improve their business in the MEA region
Nabil Y. Khalil.
Nabil Y. Khalil.


Nabil Y. Khalil, strategy and market development executive telecoms sector MEA at IBM, explains what the ‘cognitive era’ is

CommsMEA: How should operators use analytics to improve their business in the MEA region?

From the original waves of revenue, in voice and messages, and now data, we see a big shift in revenue in the industry, by 2018, to digital services. For MEA, we have been very successful bringing our resources in research and solutions in advanced analytics, to deliver value in three major areas for the industry: supercharging the marketing function around customer analytics, providing a 360 degree view of the customer, including omni-channel management, enhancing the customer experience, and producing new revenue in digital services.

CommsMEA: What is the ‘cognitive era for Telcos’, according to IBM?

Operators are at the heart of their customers’ digital universe. That includes social media and transactions in adjacent industries. At the same time, for example, telco customer service organisations are struggling to meet emerging customer service challenges at a cost and efficiency that makes sense to the enterprise.

For IBM, the ‘cognitive era for telcos’ can herald a customer engagement transformation which begins with a foundation of knowledge, represented by IBM’s Watson, for customers self and proactive service, and agents assistance.

CommsMEA: In which areas should operators invest when improving their analytic tools?

While the shift to digital services revenue represents a significant opportunity, telcos are busy drawing plans to handle the required associated transformation. The key usage patterns which have emerged for analytics tools and services are in: subscriber insight — for enriching profiles, customer experience management and KPI’s; higher business efficiency — for proactive customer care, marketing and sales, fraud detection, and customer based network analytics; and innovative new business models - for data monetisation, IoT and partnerships with other industries,.

CommsMEA: In which areas is IBM focusing in order to achieve the cognitive era?

A survey of more than 5,000 C-suite executives recently released by IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBV) finds that executives from the highest performing companies place significantly greater priority on cognitive capabilities than peers in market-following enterprises.

Expectations are growing for proactive, personalised insight using client understanding and preferences. We see continued focus on the areas which will make telcos successful in the market place: How to become a digital service provider, how to lead in services innovation and how to unlock new revenue streams.

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