Apple iPhone 7 could charge whilst in your pocket

Rumours have surfaced that Apple is working with a start-up
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Apple has reportedly struck a deal with a small start-up company, dubbed Energous, to embed its WattUp technology in the upcoming iPhone 7.

The iPhone giant supposedly will have exclusive rights to the technology, which enables Apple devices to be charged wirelessly from distances as far away as 15ft. Furthermore, the embedded Energous chip is small in size and therefore will not bulk up the device.

Other smartphone manufacturers have already experimented with wireless changing, such as Samsung, where its smartphone can simply be placed on a charging pad and the battery will begin to charge, taking away the charging cable.

However, Energous' WattUp technology is a game-changer in this field. The embedded chip works with an Energous transmitter, that can be placed anywhere in a room. To put it simply, with this technology, the device will be constantly charging without the requirement of a cable or charging pad and can charge up to 12 devices at one time.

Despite Apple reporting a record-breaking net income of $18.4bn in its first quarterly results in 2016, iPhone sales had only increased by 0.4%. However, this partnership could change the game entirely, and perhaps the biggest technological advancement in smartphones, since Apple released its original iPhone in 2007.

Neither Apple or Energous have publicly disclosed this partnership, but it was Louis Basenese from Disruptive Tech Research who found evidence that Apple was involved with Energous.

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