Sudatel group scores US$ 52 million net profits

Earnings per share increased 10% and net profits up 4%
Tarig Hamza Zainelabdin, chief executive officer of the group
Tarig Hamza Zainelabdin, chief executive officer of the group


Sudatel, a leading telecom group operator in Sudan and West Africa, has announced its end of year financial results with a positive increase in its net profits for the fiscal year 2015. The group witnessed positive growth across all financial indicators achieving US$ 52 Million in net profits, an increase of 4% compared to the previous year as well as earnings per share going up 10%.

The announcement was made during the first Board of Directors meeting chaired by Dr. Abdulrahman Darar, Chairman of Board of Directors, and that took place this year with participation of all members from both inside and outside of Sudan.

Dr. Dirar praised the group’s results, which showed a financial improvement in all areas confirming the growth of Sudatel group’s activities for the second year in a row.

Engineer Tarig Hamza Zainelabdin, chief executive officer of the group expressed his satisfaction with the results. He also stressed that the group is moving steadily towards achieving the strategic objectives set by the group. Zainelabdin also praised the performance of all employees working in the Group’s companies and their contribution to the development of the telecommunications sector in all the countries in which the group operates.

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