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CEO of Devicescape explains how to boost the value WiFi networks
Dave Fraser, CEO, Devicescape.
Dave Fraser, CEO, Devicescape.


Dave Fraser, CEO, Devicescape, explains how the firm’s solution helps to boost the value of public and private WiFi networks.

CommsMEA: How does Devicescape integrate public and private Wi-Fi into a single service?

First, it crowdsources the discovery of freely shared amenity Wi-Fi in public places. It then monitors each access point it discovers to assess quality and reliability. If, after repeated checks, the access point meets our robust QoE standards, we add it to our curated virtual network (CVN). Quality checks are ongoing, and we remove any access point which is found to be performing poorly, only adding it back into the CVN after it has passed another round of tests.

Second, the software automates the device’s connection to any access point within the CVN and, should the operator require it, any access point owned by an operator or operator partner, including domestic networks.
Third, it can control the movement of the device between different networks, cellular and all forms of Wi-Fi, according to a range of operator-defined policies.

CommsMEA: How can operators monetise WiFi?

Devicescape enables operators to use Wi-Fi to greatly enhance their customers’ overall connectivity experience, driving differentiation and improving retention. There are also significant economic efficiencies to the use of Wi-Fi to provide connectivity, particularly in circumstances where the operator is dependent on wholesale cellular capacity to provide a service.

CommsMEA: Telcos lose out on data revenues for roaming customers. Is there a solution?

Because our network is crowdsourced we know it provides connectivity in precisely the places where end users frequently connect, yet incurs none of the wholesale charges associated with cellular data roaming. Our solution allows operators to provide customers with quality managed connectivity, at low or no cost, while maintaining visibility of the customer and their experience.

CommsMEA: What kind of analytics is enabled by Devicescape’s QoE enforcement?

If an operator has the solution configured to move customers to Wi-Fi only when the cellular quality drops below a certain threshold, we are able to tell them the location of every instance where a user was switched. The fully anonymised QoE data also includes Wi-Fi session lengths, data volumes received and sent over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, session times, and location information. The data can also be filtered by handset model to see how different devices and features shape user behaviour.

CommsMEA: Which are the markets in the MEA region on your radar?

We have just announced our first customer in the MEA region, Israel’s Bezeq. We’re very excited to be live in the region and are in the process of assessing the wider opportunity.

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