Creating happy journeys for the customers

Creating uncompromised customer experiences in an age of heightened competition
Scott Kolman: vice president of portfolio marketing, Genesys.
Scott Kolman: vice president of portfolio marketing, Genesys.


Scott Kolman, vice president of portfolio marketing, Genesys, spoke to CommsMEA about the heightened importance of creating uncompromised customer experiences in an age of heightened competition to rule the roost.

The UAE Cabinet has endorsed the launch of corporate happiness and positivity initiatives in the UAE federal government. During its annual G-summit held in Dubai, Genesys focused on the drivers of success for federal customer happiness centres. The vendor highlighted what needs to be done by stakeholders to enable the government to realise the goal to be the happiest city in the world.

Speaking about it, Scott Kolman tells CommsMEA that it’s a great idea the Dubai government is taking around customer happiness. “One of the reasons we feel this is so important is it really focuses on the important role of employees in delivering great customer experiences. Happy employees make happy customers.”

Customer is king- it’s not exactly a new realisation, then why is the additional emphasis on it of late? “Not long ago many companies dealt with customer experience as an individual interaction without making much of an effort to understand the customer”,Kolman says. However, the present day digital age scenario requires organisations to understand the customer, find ways to help him better and at times, even try to anticipate his needs to sort problems even before they are identified by the customer. An accurate history of the customer’s interactions with the company and analysis of his tastes and behavioural patterns can help to deliver a personalised experience.

Has the rising popularity of data services overpowered voice in terms of customer service ? Kolman stresses that voice is not really going away; rather, it’s simply changing with technology. “Nowadays people prefer to communicate via self-service on their own suitable time and convenience; they don’t want to speak to an agent. What has changed however is when there’s a complex issue- they want to talk to somebody. So, what’s happening is maybe the contact centre gets fewer calls but the complexity of those calls has increased a lot. So, the role of agents today has become more challenging than it ever was before.”

So, how can operators work around this state of affairs to deliver better experiences? Stressing on the uniqueness of omnichannel experience, Kolman draws attention to the fact that many companies are just changing the word from 'multi-channel' to 'omni-channel' without really investing in the requisite technology. However, according to the Genesys point of view, an omni channel experience needs a couple of things- first of all it is necessary that when one moves from one interaction type to another, then all the insights of the customer should be carried forward so that he doesn’t have to start over every other time, hence reducing his frustration. There should be proper integration between the various channels. The second important thing is the orchestration whereby you use that insight and guide to deliver a personalised experience that is as quick as possible. Omnichannel isn’t equivalent to multichannel; unlike the latter, it permeates across all the different channels.

Telecom businesses face great challenges from competition and customer churn, technology convergence, multi-channel sales and service and regulation. This results in the need to deliver a drastically improved customer experience. The Genesys customer experience platform allows to orchestrate effortless customer journeys across all channels. Genesys sits down with the companies and tries to understand their operations, their customer focus and accordingly helps them to deliver an unmatched omni channel experience.

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