Omantel partners with EMS for public WiFi hotspots

WiFi hotspot network to be available for free in public places across Oman
Omantel and EMS are developing a network of public WiFi Hotspots.
Omantel and EMS are developing a network of public WiFi Hotspots.


Omantel has partnered with EMS to develop free WiFi hotspot services for the public in Oman.

The telecoms provider and mobile solutions specialist EMS are working together to create WiFi hotspots that will provide free internet access in public locations such malls, airports, parks and hospitals.

EMS will provide WiFi solutions for the service, and will also provide a solutions to deliver targeted advertising to the network users. Businesses that offer Omantel's free Wi-Fi service at their premises will have the option of monetizing the service by allowing advertisements through Omantel Wi-Fi network.

Haitham Abdullah Al Kharusi, Omantel's vice president of the Consumer Business Unit, commented: "At Omantel we are delighted to introduce this Free Wi-Fi services for internet users in the Sultanate. Free Wi-Fi marks a further step in our digital revolution. We understand that the users have a need to stay connected with their families, friends and business, all the time. We aim to be the nation's digital partner of choice, helping to bridge the digital divide and pioneering the rollout of the digital eco-system in the country. In addition the collaboration with EMS will benefit businesses by enabling targeted advertising and audience reach thus delivering even more value to the consumer."

"As technology innovators and pioneers, we believe that through mobility and connectivity services, our society can be transformed. This breakthrough brings us one step closer to the realization of Omantel's vision for Oman, to become a truly networked society, where lives are enriched through connectivity," he added.

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