MBC signs content deal with Ooredoo

Ooredoo will become the sole distributor for MBC HD in Qatar
Waleed Mohamed Ebrahim Al Sayed and Sam Barnett
Waleed Mohamed Ebrahim Al Sayed and Sam Barnett


Ooredoo and MBC Group have signed a seven-year partnership granting Ooredoo the exclusive rights in Qatar to some of the most popular HD channels, offering customers an incredible range of entertainment.

The agreement was signed by Waleed Mohamed Ebrahim Al Sayed, CEO, Ooredoo Qatar, and Sam Barnett, CEO, MBC Group at a ceremony on Sunday.

Following the partnership agreement, Ooredoo tv customers in Qatar will be able to enjoy unparalleled coverage of a huge range of award-winning MBC premium content such as “Bab Al Hara”, “Omar”, “Arab Idol”, “the Voice”, “Arabs Got Talent” and others.
Talking about the agreement Waleed Al Sayed said: “This agreement will provide Ooredoo tv with exclusive HD coverage in Qatar of some of the most popular TV programmes across MENA. This is a milestone for our entertainment portfolio, as we continue to strive to provide the content our customers want, with the highest quality picture and widest choice of channels. But this is just the beginning, and more exciting offerings will be revealed soon.

MBC Group CEO, Sam Barnett added: "MBC is proud of its leading position in producing the MENA region's best available content and in offering flagship shows enjoyed by millions of viewers and browsers across the Middle-East. Today's partnership brings together MBC's content with Ooredoo's platform in Qatar to provide an even better service for the target audience.”

Ooredoo tv will now hold exclusive rights to all MBC HD channels including MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC4, MBC Drama, MBC MAX, MBC Action, as well as any future HD additions. Ooredoo tv customers will also have exclusive access to MBC+ channels such as, MBC+ Drama and MBC+ Variety.

MBC Group channels are currently in the “most-watched” list on Ooredoo services, and with this partnership, Ooredoo will become the sole distributor for MBC HD in the country.

This agreement is the latest in a series of announcements for Ooredoo tv, as the company continues to invest in providing world-class entertainment for its diverse customer base.

“Since its launch in February, Ooredoo tv has seen a huge uptake with more than 40,000 subscribers in six months. One of the reasons for this popularity is that Ooredoo tv provides the best viewing quality and most dynamic features, powered by our Supernet. The addition of HD channels and exclusive content from MBC adds another essential element to Ooredoo tv’s entertainment offering,” added Al Sayed.

The first stage of the Ooredoo-MBC partnership will launch on 1 September 2016, with Ooredoo gaining exclusive access to all MBC HD content in Qatar. Mozaic TV customers, or people using other entertainment services in Qatar will still be able to watch MBC Bollywood, MBC Masr, MBC Masr 2 and Wanasah channels on Standard Definition (SD). Existing Mozaic TV customers who want to upgrade to Ooredoo tv can simply visit any Ooredoo retail shop to register and collect a free Ooredoo tv play device.

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