du partners with Dubai opera

Operator continues focus on its du Live! platform to ramp-up entertainment offerings
du CEO, Osman Sultan(left) with Jasper Hope, chief executive, Dubai Opera
du CEO, Osman Sultan(left) with Jasper Hope, chief executive, Dubai Opera


 du has partnered with Dubai Opera, the newest, most exciting addition to the emirate’s bustling cultural scene.

Over the years, du has tried to bring people together through its du Live! platform. Osman Sultan, chief executive officer, du, said: “Our collaboration with Dubai Opera is rooted in our common belief that the venue will be instrumental in enriching the cultural fabric of our community. After all, cultural wealth is a critical ingredient in the formula for happiness. And we, as a UAE national company, are fully committed to adding life to this vibrant city and advancing the nation’s happiness agenda.”

Located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is the ultimate international destination for performing arts and world-class entertainment productions. Together with du, Dubai Opera will bring a new element of entertainment and culture to the UAE with over 150 performances each year including ballet, classical and world music, Broadway musicals and theatre, and family entertainment.

“At du, we are constantly diversifying our business to add value to the UAE as a cultural hub, taking into consideration what people are passionate about. We are not just another service provider. We are proud of our UAE heritage and we will continue to create value across a variety of verticals for our valued customers,” Sultan added.

Jasper Hope, chief executive, Dubai Opera, said: “The launch of Dubai Opera marks the beginning of a new era for the emirate’s culture. We are honoured to have the support of du as we celebrate the opening of a venue whose mission is to engage and inspire. With the help of our trusted partners, we aim to bring some of the world’s greatest productions to the UAE so the widest possible community of audiences can enjoy the best international live entertainment along with this country’s many and varied rich cultural offerings.”

The 2,000 cover, multi-format, community-oriented venue—the only one in the city well-suited for hosting large-scale, world-class Broadway or West End musicals as well as live opera performances—is set to become a treasure trove of performing arts, bringing together people from all walks of life and backgrounds to experience Dubai’s unique artistic pulse and cultural legacy. This year’s highly-anticipated line-up of performances includes acclaimed productions of ‘Les Misérables’, ‘Impossible’, ‘The Nutcracker on Ice’, and ‘Slava's Snowshow’.

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