IPT Powertech group initiates the guaranteed savings/ESCO model

IPT Powertech was the first in the MEA to introduce the ESCO model
Nabil Haddad, CEO
Nabil Haddad, CEO


How would you define a guaranteed Savings/ ESCO model and how was the transition of IPT PowerTech from a product company to an ESCO?

IPT PowerTech Group was the first in the MEA, African and South East Asia region to introduce the Guaranteed Savings/ESCO model concept through the merge/marriage between the 2 main pillars of the group: the Energy Solutions division, and the Telecom Infrastructure Services division. This merge, coupled with in-house manufacturing capabilities allowed us to present this unique value proposition.

The group initially specialised in power, then ventured into telecom infrastructure, then started manufacturing and developing its own solutions, all the way to where we are today. We can propose full OPEX business models, by developing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining our own customised solutions, up to the extent of offering kWh propositions and providing energy to several sites on kWh basis, with zero capital expenditures (CAPEX), all the while ensuring optimal consumption efficiency, ensuring that the model is economically feasible.

Can you introduce us to the key benefits of implementing the Guaranteed Savings model and the ESCO model?

After engaging in a guaranteed savings/ESCO contract, IPT PowerTech is responsible for all the investment in Capital expenditures (CAPEX), operational expenditures (OPEX), replacement of spare parts over time, and system management, all while guaranteeing savings, and the best-in-class performance. During the contract period, the operator’s main focus will be directed towards monitoring the KPIs and SLAs, and concentrating efforts on the organisation’s core business.

Based on several years of experience in implementation of the guaranteed savings/ESCO model, we were able to highlight on some of the operators' benefits as below:

• Reduction in OPEX
• Reduction in fuel consumption and power bills
• More concentration on core business and minimised recruitment budget
• Less space allocated to warehousing and stocking
• Enhancing the equipment status on site
• Optimisation of performance
• Improved risk management and cost control
• Total Cost of Ownership optimisation
• Better sites' availability
• Mitigation of technical and performance risks

How do your company’s solutions help the operators to become eco-friendlier? How are you enabling the digitalisation of your own solutions to fit with partners'/customers' needs?

IPT PowerTech has been a leader in the evolution of green energy power solutions in the telecom industry, and has been the front runner in anticipating the customers’ constant demands to reduce consumption costs. Today our group offers the widest range of renewable energy and hybrid efficient solutions that are ideal to optimise the system’s overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our energy efficient solutions ranging from stand-alone solar, hybrid solar system, battery hybrid system or even wind turbines (in applicable geographies), are all designed to fit with various geographic particularities.

Usually, all these systems come with high initial investment to ensure that state-of-the-art components are used, and leading to lower operational expenditures during the duration that you have signed the customer for. The usage of the renewable and energy efficient solutions plays an important role in reducing the contribution to global warming by reducing the CO2 emissions.

IPT PowerTech Group develops and implements an advanced Remote Monitoring System (RMS), allowing passive site control and network analysis of the hybrid, electrical, environmental, security and other related data, and guaranteeing that all complications pass automatically to our maintenance team for appropriate action, without the operator’s intervention. As a result, our group contributes to the digitalisation solely by allowing the operators to fully concentrate on their core business, not worry about all the hassles such as infrastructure, installation, testing, development and monitoring.

Do you have any expansion plans on the radar?

IPT PowerTech’s team is always seeking new challenges where we can recreate new power solutions and add advanced features to its wide portfolio, and redefine new added services to guarantee optimal performance at lower cost possible in addition to adding value to our customers. As for the geographic footprint, we are always looking to expand organically and non-organically into new territories as long as that growth is profitable and aligned with the strategic direction of the business.

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