Virgin Mobile brand enters UAE market

EITC introduces Virgin Mobile brand in UAE
Karim Benkairane and Osman Sultan at the launch.
Karim Benkairane and Osman Sultan at the launch.
Karim Benkairane and Osman Sultan at the launch.
Karim Benkairane and Osman Sultan at the launch.


EITC, the company that owns and operates Dubai-based telco du, has launched the Virgin Mobile brand in the UAE.The announcement coincides with the 10th anniversary of the launch of du operations. 

Having the right to use the brand, Virgin Mobile in the UAE, EITC will fully manage and operate the new brand, in line with the regulatory obligations and compliances as set forth by the TRA UAE. EITC emphasised that the announcement is in sync with its strategic vision of becoming a digital transformation partner and an ICT solutions provider to meet the growing requirements of the fast-paced and dynamic UAE.

EITC has formed a new business unit to handle all of the "market facing activities" of the Virgin Mobile brand in the UAE, which will use the same mobile network infrastructure as du.

Osman Sultan, CEO of EITC, Mikkel Vinter, CEO of Virgin Mobile MEA, and Karim Benkairane, managing director of the new service, were present at the event. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, did not attend.

“ Telecommunications has evolved beyond connectivity to becoming a transformative general purpose vehicle in nurturing a seamless socio-economic framework that is smart and mobile,” said Osman Sultan, CEO, EITC. “Our aim at EITC is to firmly establish the UAE’s leadership as a power centre for the region when it comes to telecommunications by introducing innovative brands that will drive the connectivity agenda in new and unexplored directions.”

“We are thrilled to bring Virgin Mobile as the second EITC brand in the market,” said Karim Benkirane, MD, Virgin Mobile UAE. “We want to bring a differentiated experience, one that truly embraces digitilisation.”

EITC said that it had acquired the rights to use the Virgin Mobile brand in the UAE. The brand will be under the full ownership and operation control of EITC in the UAE. EITC stressed that "no other entity other than EITC has any ownership stake in the operations of the Virgin Mobile servives in the UAE".

At the launch event in Dubai this morning, EITC stated that: "All personnel managing the operations of the Virgin Mobile services are EITC employees. Internally, within EITC, a separate business unit has been created to handle matters relating to Virgin Mobile services."


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