Viva to build cyber defence centre with Intel Security

CDC to offer managed security services to enterprises in Bahrain
Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, VIVA Bahrain CEO and Tarek Jundi, managing director, Middle East & Turkey, Intel Security
Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, VIVA Bahrain CEO and Tarek Jundi, managing director, Middle East & Turkey, Intel Security


Viva Bahrain has partnered with Intel Security on the sidelines of MEET ICT and BITEX 2017, to build an advanced cyber defence centre in Bahrain. This will add managed security services to Viva's cloud portfolio so enterprises can hope to get a one-stop shop for their communication and data security requirements. 

VIVA Bahrain CEO Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid said: “With more enterprises turning to cloud-based solutions to store critical business data, we at VIVA have directed our focus to new data protection tactics that match the pace of Bahrain’s ICT developments. We will leverage our leading position, extensive expertise and strong presence in the marketplace to build a CDC which offers customers a full suite of security offerings that can evolve with their business.”

VIVA’s CDC aims to eliminate the need for lengthy procurement with specialised IT experts available on premises for immediate support. “Organisations are realising that a cyber-attack and the associated loss of trust, is as detrimental to their brand and standing with shareholders as loss of actual revenue,” said Tarek Jundi, managing director, Middle East & Turkey, Intel Security. “Enterprises have, rightly so, begun to make considerable investments in security, many a time opting to work through Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Backed by our industry leading integrated security platform, we have made considerable investments in the region to help service providers like VIVA and channel partners build a robust MSSP practice that will allow them to offer their customers unparalleled levels of security whilst providing both growth and profitability.”



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