TRA's implementation of Erteqa to give a powerful voice to the customer

Initiative aims to encourage positive competition among service providers
H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA director general
H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA director general
Eng. Saif Bin Ghelaita, executive director, technology development affairs, TRA UAE and Eng. Mohamed Jadah, director, wireless networks and services, TRA UAE
Eng. Saif Bin Ghelaita, executive director, technology development affairs, TRA UAE and Eng. Mohamed Jadah, director, wireless networks and services, TRA UAE


TRA has today announced the implementation of 'Erteqa' initiative, which is primarily based on the principle of evaluating customer service centres of the service providers, Etisalat and Du.  

Addressing the press conference, H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA director general said: "Erteqa represents, in essence, one of the customer happiness stations and a new proof that happiness within our wise leadership's perception is not just a slogan but a working method, and a comprehensive national plan that affects all fields and sectors."

Erteqa was launched in June 2016 and falls under the wider umbrella of 'Esaad'  initiative, launched earlier by TRA, that focuses on customer happiness. 

"Among the objectives of this initiative is to strengthen the positive competition among service providers, by improving the excellence and quality of provided services, launching innovative services that meet the customers' needs, identifying the method and standard of service provision, overcoming difficulties faced by customers, and supporting them to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and happiness, in line with the government's directives," the director general added.

The goal is to evaluate 202 centres on the state level on six criteria- physical access, staff interaction, customer processes, amenities, product or service access, and innovation. So far, TRA has assessed 40 centres, and from today on, these centres will have plates installed to indicate the number of stars they have managed. For the current year, the maximum star rating will be five star( gold) while other ratings include four star (pearl) and three star (silver). From next year onwards, the ones who manage to maintain five star rating for a long time will be eligible to get six and seven star ratings.

The evaluation process will continue throughout the year and regular audits will be done to ensure the service centres maintain consistent good performance throughout. The TRA plans to complete evaluation of 202 centres hopefully by mid 2017. The assessment will be carried out via mystery shopping and customer surveys that will be conducted by a third-party independent body. 

The ratings of the centres will be displayed on TRA UAE's website and other media channels. Customers are encouraged to share their good and bad experience with the service centres with the TRA UAE.

TRA UAE will be further sharing with the operators useful recommendations from the regulator and the customer's point of view so that the service providers can improve their offerings. 










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