Zain Sudan gears up to provide mobile payment services

People would be able to use any mobile phone to carry out financial transactions
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Zain Sudan has signed a MoU with the Central Bank of Sudan to prepare for the launch of mobile payment services. Zain has been given absolute freedom and independence to design, innovate and launch its services and offers in accordance with its strategy and its marketing plan in compliance with the directives and regulations of Bank of Sudan. 

The service will enable any customer carrying a mobile phone (not necessarily a smartphone) to conduct various kinds of financial transactions such as transfers, payment of different government fees and buying electricity, all through the mobile phone. An electronic account will be linked with each phone number to carry the money. Chief executive officer of Zain Sudan  Lt. Gen.  Al Fatih Erwa emphasised that Zain is committed to provide services to satisfy the needs as well as the ambitions of its subscribers. He further added that advanced technologies will be used to ensure the confidentiality of the user information. 

Mobile payment service was launched in the republic in September 2016, by the President , Field Marshal , Omer al-Basheer. The objective was to enable the development of the economy in line with the plans of the e-government; reduction of cost of printing, transport and securing the banknotes and containing the circulation of the forged currencies in a way to enable the Bank to manage the liquidity in economy and in financing production and development projects.

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