Ooredoo hails the power of cognitive at Watson Qatar Summit

Operator showcases its MDM offering powered by IBM MaaS360
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Solutions deployed inside Qatar’s public and private sector organisations will soon be enabled to understand, reason, and learn, according to  Ooredoo executives. The operator talked about the transformative power of cognitive computing at IBM's signature event, Watson Qatar Summit held at Doha. 

“Cognitive computing is surging in customer demand for one simple reason: it aids human decision-making, and that is central to the successful management of any organisation, large or small”, said Yousuf Al Kubaisi, chief operating officer, Ooredoo Qatar. Ooredoo believes that the number of use cases involving cognitive computing will continue to grow, and enterprise customers will demand these solutions.

Ooredoo further used the event to highlight its mobile device management(MDM) offering. Powered by IBM MaaS360, the MDM is a comprehensive solution for total enterprise device management that enables companies to seamlessly manage employee smartphones, tablets and even laptops and employee-owned devices across their entire corporate network.

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