Building a successful app

Appreneurs must study and understand their competition before creating a fully-functional app
Alexander Rauser, CEO of digital agency Prototype
Alexander Rauser, CEO of digital agency Prototype


Any task, activity or chore, you name it, there’s an app for it. From booking flights to ordering lunch, brands have taken their services online to meet and exceed consumer expectations. This trend arises from the surge of a so-called ‘digiculture’. Needless to say, an app can create a limitless world of opportunity for brands with its ability to reach its target audience almost instantly.

Successful apps are all about the functionality behind the application that not only means what's happening on an app level, but also, what the app enables the user to do. So, what must an aspiring app creator keep in mind when building a new app? Alexander Rauser, CEO of digital agency Prototype, provides his insight:

Understand your competition
Appreneurs must study and understand their competition before creating a fully-functional app. With over 5 million apps split between iOS and Android available for download, it is evident that people are consistently looking for fresh, new digital concepts that are convenient, beneficial and entertaining.

Plan your app
It is important for appreneurs to understand that building an app is like building a home. Just like you plan the layout of rooms, number of rooms and the sole purpose for each area, intricate details of an app must be planned. Aesthetics, menu options, graphics, and many other factors must be taken into serious consideration when creating an app blueprint.

Consider it’s user-friendliess
What not always is considered is that app experiences are not linear, but more complex based on the state the user is in. It is vital for an app developer to view the app as a third-party user. Is it easy to use? Is there a tutorial or guide to show you how to get around the app? These are important to ask before launching an app. Appreneurs must also remember to inform users about the required settings that will unlock the app’s full potential and sole purpose, all to create a successful online brand experience.

Identifying the right platform
These days, choosing the right development platform can also be challenging. Prototype have recently developed successful apps using Facebooks React Native framework, which enables appreneurs to develop native apps for Android and iOS without limitations using a single code base. This can reduce down development and maintenance time significantly, which needs to be considered when developing apps.

Time factor
Rome wasn’t built in a day – the same notion is applicable to apps. Research and planning will take up a significantly large chunk of a developer’s time. Appreneurs must develop a knack for trial-and-error runs, anticipate issues, all which demand patience and time.

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