Cisco sets the wheels in motion for intuitive networks

Intent-based networking to constantly learn, automate and protect with optimisation
Chuck Robbins: "The network has never been more critical to business success."
Chuck Robbins: "The network has never been more critical to business success."


Cisco has unveiled intent-based networking solutions, which the vendor hopes would be a significant breakthrough for enterprise networking. Cisco's approach is an intuitive system that constantly learns, adapts, automates and protects, to optimise network operations and defend against today's evolving threat landscape.

Chuck Robbins, chief executive officer for Cisco said: "By building a more intuitive network, we are creating an intelligent platform with unmatched security for today and for the future that propels businesses forward and creates new opportunities for people and organisations everywhere." (Read a blogpost from Robbins on the new paradigm of networking here)

The new kind of networking will be facilitated by Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA),  a portfolio of hardware and software. The suite of technologies include:

  • DNA centre: an intuitive, centralised management dashboard with full visibility and context across the entire network.


  • Software-defined access (SD-Access) which uses automated policy enforcement and network segmentation over a single network fabric to dramatically simplify network access 


  • Network data platform and assurance- new analytics platform to categorise and correlates data running on the network and use machine learning to turn it into predictive analytics, business intelligence and actionable insights delivered through the DNA centre assurance service.


  • Encrypted traffic analytics -  By utilising Cisco's Talos cyber intelligence and machine learning to analyse metadata traffic patterns, the network will identify the fingerprints of known threats even in encrypted traffic, without decrypting it and impacting data privacy.


  • Catalyst 9000 switching portfolio-  new family of switches to deliver improved security, programmability and performance by innovating at the hardware (ASIC) and software (IOS XE) layers


  • Cisco ONE software- to provide businesses with access to ongoing innovation, budget predictability, and a more agile way to consume the technology.


  • DNA Services- a comprehensive lifecycle of advisory, implementation, optimisation and technical services 


  • DevNet DNA developer centre 


"Cisco's Encrypted Traffic Analytics solves a network security challenge previously thought to be unsolvable," said David Goeckeler, senior vice president and general manager of networking and security, Cisco. "ETA uses Cisco's Talos cyber intelligence to detect known attack signatures even in encrypted traffic, helping to ensure security while maintaining privacy."



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