Invert spend with flash storage

The speed at which your front-end works is utterly reliant on your storage performance
Christian Putz, director, EEMEA, Pure Storage.
Christian Putz, director, EEMEA, Pure Storage.


By Christian Putz, director, EEMEA, Pure Storage

It’s difficult to think of a force that’s having a more revolutionary impact on the telco sector than digitalisation. It’s materially changing everything in this sector: the way processes work; the way services are offered; the customer experience; and the speed at which business is executed and where it happens.

Digitalisation is driving the innovation edge to exciting new horizons. For example, ‘robo-advisors’ can now aggregate data on customer preferences that can then be used by telcos to offer tailored packages for users. On the back end, telcos can leverage analytics to streamline operations and improve customer retention. According to an October 2016 article from McKinsey, an operator was able to reduce customer churn by 90% by using analytics to segment late-paying customers in to three groups (self-cure, in need of reminders and bad payers) and then targeting each group with different measures.

Whatever innovation is happening at the customer frontline, it all boils down to one question for IT leaders in the telco sector: “How can we help our organisations win in the digital economy—and do so with less IT complexity, less cost and absolutely minimal risk?” In other words, how can IT leaders invert IT spend and ‘have it all’?

Experience tells us that the answer is data storage – how you architect and scale your storage, how you flex that storage to work at lightning speeds in both physical and virtual environments, and how you cost storage to deliver more business value, for less of your precious budget. This is because data is the currency of the digital economy. If it’s not serving the applications and systems that are driving your digital business, you’ll lose out in the race to customer intimacy and therefore profitability.

The speed at which your front-end works is utterly reliant on your storage performance. But you can’t keep adding storage capacity to individual databases, or application workloads—that’s just adding cost. And even if that’s not a problem, what about the time it will take to manage a sprawling storage estate?  The answer is All-Flash Storage. Depending on the vendor you choose to partner with, all flash solutions are 10x faster on both IOPs and latency. They’re also 10x more efficient in terms of power, space and cooling. With the right all flash storage solution in place, you can improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency and transform existing business processes without breaking the bank.

By centralising your storage around one type of flash technology, not only will you simplify data centre IT and add incredible flexibility to deal with both physical and virtual environments, you will also make some incredibly important savings.

By partnering with vendors that offer perpetual upgrade programmes that are designed to guarantee your effective capacity with flash media that can consolidate and modernise as your organisation grows, you can avoid vendor dictated upgrade cycles, downtime and cumbersome data migrations. With these ‘Evergreen’ programmes, there is continually refreshed software and an extended value lifecycle—with no requirement to re-purchase TBs you already own, and exceptional performance and value for more than 10 years. Things are just as straightforward when it comes to maintenance. You just pay one, simple flat renewal to update performance, scale and add features.

Like most organisations in the region, there is a good chance that you are working through your own personal journey to the cloud which is why it is imperative to partner with a vendor that offers you a two-product route to building your own all-flash cloud platform.

As we have already seen, with new profit-thirsty competitors entering all areas of the services sector, it’s absolutely crucial that IT leaders have sensible, practical and cost-effective answers to the question of how to ride the innovation curve by using data more effectively than anyone else.

Quite simply, the time has now come to consider storage to be one of your most strategically powerful assets. With All-Flash you have the means to create a high performance, highly resilient, highly affordable foundation on which to succeed in the digital economy. With the right All Flash solution, you can drive more business value – achieving considerable ROI in just a few short weeks – while inverting IT spend.

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