ITU recognises Bahrain's maturity on the cybersecurity front

TRA BAH to continue efforts around public-private collaborations to counter rising cyber threats
TRA’s director of cyber security, Dr. Khalid bin Duaij Al Khalifa
TRA’s director of cyber security, Dr. Khalid bin Duaij Al Khalifa


Bahrain has achieved a mature stage of cyber security readiness as per the assessment of the ITU’s recently published Global Cyber Security Index 2017. ‘Maturing Stage’ category includes Saudi Arabia, the UAE, as well as 75 other countries all of whom have actively engaged in implementing key cybersecurity programs and initiatives.

The index measured the cyber security commitment levels of all 193 ITU state members based on five key pillars ranging from legal, technical, organisational, to capacity building and cooperation.

“The Telecommunications sector has taken positive strides in improving its cyber security posture since 2014, yet we do recognize that more needs to be done in order to realise a more secure cyber environment that would enable us to reap sustainable benefits from digital transformation,” said TRA’s director of cyber security, Dr. Khalid bin Duaij Al Khalifa. “While the Authority remains committed towards bridging the gap with developed countries as per the report’s findings, the Authority is mindful that the global rank is merely indicative of the gaps that still exist and which can be positively improved through national level cyber security initiatives that would result in improved inter-sector cooperation and capacity building exercises,” he further added.

The Authority further aims to continually implement initiatives to achieve further public-private collaborations to ensure that the sector is adequately prepared to counter the rising cyber threats to the availability and security of the telecommunication and digital services which are critical towards achieving a robust digital economy.

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