Workz forays into IoT

Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz group on how the company’s enhanced portfolio allows customers to realise their IoT development strategy
Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz group
Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz group


Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz group on how the company’s enhanced portfolio allows customers to realise their IoT development strategy in order to be able to offer newer services.

CommsMEA: What kind of partnership has Workz entered with Simulity?

It is a value-added reseller agreement where Workz provides commercial and technical support for their eSIM operating system, and remote provisioning server for activations management and distribution across the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia.

CommsMEA: How is the partnership going to enable new services?

It allows Workz to provide our customers with some exciting new remote management capabilities for M2M and mobile connected devices through eSIM technology.  The beauty of this technology is it can connect, monitor and report on smart devices, so any electronic device that moves or needs to be moved and/or needs a connection in a variable or remote location.  Our eSIM solutions allow customers to realise their IoT development strategy whether it be competitively-priced multi-IMSI SIMs, roaming data, device management, industrial telemetry, big data, or automation through things like e-metering or e-monitoring.

What we provide is a fully secure online SaaS connected management solution from the secure embedded or removable chip and its operating system to network connectivity, testing and activation.  In addition, we also offer a full subscription management service where the eSIMs are remotely provisioned throughout their lifespan meaning all profile updates, additions, removals and billing are handled by us.

We plan to help clients realise these opportunities from MNOs, MVNOs, and telecommunications to other industries such as home automation, transportation, energy, and M2M.

CommsMEA: What’s the USP of your eSIM offering?

We’ve been managing secure data connections for 20 years.  In that time, we have handled over 8 billion connections without a single security breach. Data security is vital and there have been too many real-life examples where breaches are extremely costly if not devastating for businesses.  When clients come to us they feel safe in the knowledge that we take data security extremely seriously.

CommsMEA: What kind of trend do you predict for the adoption of eSIM in the MEA region?

It is too early to discuss any specific opportunities that may come from the acquisition of Simulity by ARM and the part we play going forward, but we foresee an increasing uptake across several key sectors which will snowball.  It’s ultimately about connectivity, telemetry, over-the-air device management, and reporting; which lead to better services, better efficiency, and better productivity. These are the drivers for adoption.  In terms of specification, the GSMA has been able to make more progress in the M2M spec so we anticipate a lot of the early opportunities will be in this sector but as things develop the potential is huge with mobile network operators having the chance to play a key role in offering users attractive new services such as subscriptions for multiple devices. 

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