Mobile Doctors 24-7 partners with DHA and Etisalat

MD 24-7 serves multiple countries with over 240 multinational clients.
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Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Mobile Doctors 24-7 and Etisalat 24-7 have implemented the 24-7 Patient Management Programme and are currently serving DHA chronic patients to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes, while reducing unnecessary cost. Government insurance programmes such as SAADA and Al Madallah are already benefiting. The solution includes 24-7 physician driven Hospital at Home Program licensed by Johns Hopkins University, tele-medicine based on NHS International Guidelines, tele-monitoring with state of the art technology control centre to support 24-7 one stop shop for wellness, acute and chronic conditions.

Benefits include 24-7 immediate access to western and locally trained doctors, home virtual clinic, home tele-monitoring and pharmacy and lab management at home among others. The programme helps to avoid unnecessary outpatient visits, reduces average stay at hospitals, and also enables better management of healthcare costs.

Mobile Doctors 24-7(MD 24-7) is licensed by DHA and DHCC, and provides an integrated healthcare solution that aligns consumers/employees and payers/employers though its 24-7 Population Health Management Programme. MD 24-7 serves multiple countries with over 240 multinational clients.  Abu Dhabi’s KBBO group is a majority shareholder.  The solution is available in multiple languages: English, Arabic, Hindi or Urdu and the app is available on Google Play and Apple App stores.

Mobile Doctors 24-7 has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Etisalat to develop solutions for the reduction of emergency room visits and hospital bed days. Mobile Doctors 24-7 and Etisalat recently commenced a Hospital at Home project with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for Dubai Government’s SAADA patients. 

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