Digitisation leads to a spike in Zain Bahrain's profits

Focus on customer experience allows operator to stay competitive in saturated market
Focusing on customer experience allows Zain Bahrain to remain competitive in a highly saturated market, says Chairman.
Focusing on customer experience allows Zain Bahrain to remain competitive in a highly saturated market, says Chairman.


Zain Bahrain’s profits have gone up 8.3% YoY in Q3, amounting to BD1.3 million ($3.4 million). The numbers are being mainly attributed to the operator’s digitisation efforts to enhance operations.

Quarterly revenues meanwhile improved by 3.6%, from BD16.9 ($44.7 million) to BD17.5 million ($46.3 million). The company’s EBITDA was relatively stable at BD5.6 million ($14.8 million).

For the first nine months of 2017, the company reported a 12% spike in revenues, strongly driven by data, from BD48.8 million ($129.1 million) to BD54.5 million ($144.2 million). The company’s net profit for the nine-month period was down by 6.6% from BD3 million ($8 million) to BD2.8 million ($7.4 million). Despite this, the company’s year to date EBITDA was BD16.7 million ($44.2 million) with a healthy EBITDA margin of 30.1%.

Zain Bahrain Chairman, H.E. Shaikh Ahmed bin Ali Al Khalifa said: “Our utilisation of the full capabilities of our network, our continued investment in creating a digital lifestyle for our customer base, and our efforts to digitise processes internally have resulted in greater efficiencies, with revenues rising and expenditures simultaneously reducing. These efforts are helping the company to maintain a healthy balance sheet despite intense competition and a highly-saturated market with an over 150% penetration rate. We remain on track towards another profitable year, maintaining the momentum gained during 2016. We also look forward to a strong 2017 and a further expansion of our market offerings.”

Q3 saw Zain Bahrain entering the 10th year of its partnership with the Bahrain Basketball Association by launching a new logo for the Zain Bahrain Basketball League. The collaboration is one of the most successful and enduring sports sponsorships in the Kingdom.



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