Cisco fast-tracks digitisation plans with new innovation hub in Dubai

Centre to showcase various use-cases of digital transformation as well as serve as a R&D hub
H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco inaugurate Cisco IXC Centre in Dubai
H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco inaugurate Cisco IXC Centre in Dubai


Cisco has launched an innovation and experience centre (IXC) in Dubai. Apart from serving as an innovation hub, the centre will showcase various use cases of digital transformation using technologies from Cisco and its ecosystem partners. 

Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco said: “Our new Innovation and Experience Centre takes a unique approach that will help governments and businesses across the region develop solutions leading to greater opportunities for citizens and customers in the digital age.” 

The centre was inaugurated by H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, together with Chuck Robbins.

H.H. Al Maktoum said: “Innovation has become a strategic imperative that not only drives growth for our economy, but also plays a critical role in the pursuit of happiness for citizens, residents, and visitors of our nation. Cisco’s decision to base its Middle East Innovation and Experience Center in Dubai reflects the city’s stature as an emerging, dynamic global innovation hub and will support the region’s organisations and businesses to raise the bar for innovation.”

David Meads, VP, MEA, Cisco said: “The Innovation and Experience Centre is a statement of our intent and illustrates our commitment to the region. The center aligns closely to the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy and will serve as a platform to accelerate the digital journey for our customers and enhance their competitiveness in the digital era.” 

Cisco is pro-actively enabling digital transformation of 24 different industry verticals, according to  Osama Al Zoubi CTO, Cisco ME.  

Al Zoubi added that the main reason majority of  projects related to digital transformation fail is the way organisations approach the digital journey. “We believe digital transformation journey requires a comprehensive approach, ecosystem partnerships and real disruption.  The solutions we have demonstrated at the innovation centre are all disruptive but proven technology.” 

One of the major highlights of the IXC was the demonstration of completely digitised healthcare, enabled by the usage of robotics, data analytics and paperless transactions. The centre also showcases a connected room, which can have great potential in both health as well as hospitality sector, whereby data can be collected continuously and customer services improved accordingly. 

Al Zoubi further highlighted about Cisco's DevNet to which more than 330,000 programmers  are connected globally and are allowed to use Cisco's technology to develop new solutions, irrespective of whether they are Cisco employees or otherwise. “ We believe that the development network that Cisco started a few years ago is aligned with the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed to train 1 million programmers and coders.”

The  IXC  demonstrates the Cisco command and control centre as well, whereby Cisco's solutions enable a highly responsive and resilient environment where staff can quickly capture information from callers and forward it to responders on their way to the scene. 

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