Kalaam Telecom: Disrupting through single interface solutions

Bahrain-based ISP positions itself as a nimble one-stop-shop for enterprises
Veer Passi, CEO, Kalaam Telecom
Veer Passi, CEO, Kalaam Telecom


Veer Passi, CEO, Kalaam Telecom on how the Bahrain-based ISP is positioning itself as a nimble one-stop-shop, for various connectivity and managed solution needs of enterprises.

Kalaam Telecom, an exclusively enterprise focussed ISP, based in Bahrain, made its GITEX debut at the 37th GITEX Technology Week held in Dubai.  A 12-year old company, Kalaam Telecom has created its points of presence across the Middle East and Europe to enable voice and data communications across the globe for its customers.

“GITEX has always been a great platform for technology companies, especially when great innovations are happening around cloud, IoT, and digital transformation. This year we had some unique propositions around Software Defined WAN, IPTV and Cloud Contact centre solutions. We showcased these at the show and the response was overwhelming,” says Veer Passi, CEO, Kalaam Telecom.

Traditionally, companies with multiple branches used to connect the various branches using legacy methods. Moreover, a lot of manpower was required to manage the networks. Passi explains how software defined WAN is a very disruptive technology that makes connectivity across several branches based on zero-touch provisioning. “SD-WAN provides end-to-end solution which simplifies and secures the WAN/branch office networks. All one needs to do is to ship few boxes to the branch locations, plug in internet and all the policies are downloaded from cloud and the sites go live in a span of two to five minutes.”

He adds that the solution counters the constant concern of IT department that revolves around management of various branches, and getting visibility of what’s happening on the network across multiple locations. “In our SD-WAN solution, there’s a strong BI tool integrated by which on a single window, IT can see what’s happening in various branches and get detailed reports if needed. We have partnered with Versa Networks from USA, which is rated as one of the best SD-WAN providers by Gartner and we are the exclusive partner for the Middle East. We are the only operator in the region who have done implementations in the region around SD-WAN technology and it has been very well-received.”

In contact centre space, Kalaam Telecom has partnered with Splicecom. The cloud-based contact centre solution that allows companies to rest on the investment that Kalaam has made; all they need are IP phones connected to Kalaam’s core through internet or MPLS connectivity. “By doing so, they get all features of a contact centre without having to make a large investment. Moreover, they get visibility into cost per agent. As a result of this, they can focus more on their business objectives rather than the technology for managing the contact centres.” Kalaam has done a deployment for Kanoo Travel, the largest travel agency in the Middle East for their contact centres in UAE, Bahrain and Saudi. This unified communications platform eases their cross-region communication, ensuring unified customer experience from the region. With efficient reporting and meeting clients SLA’s, this consolidated contact centre also gives them the flexibility to centralise their business.

In IPTV space, Passi says Kalaam Telecom has gone beyond legacy IPTV solution to offer a 360 ° infotainment platform. This means customers get an easy-to-use app through which they can check-in, place orders, lodge and track complaints as well as give feedback on various services. The operator has further partnered with various facility management companies as well as content providers to be able to provide a customised offering for the Hospitality and Healthcare clients as per their requirements.

The operator also displayed its cloud proposition at GITEX 2017.  To improve how enterprises manage multiple cloud platforms, Kalaam Telecom has created a single panel by doing an API with AWS, IBM stack, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba and the likes. Clients can now have a single portal for login, implementation and management of all their clouds. “The bottom line is to give a single window solution to the customer, a one-stop shop,” Passi says.

At a time when other mainstream telcos are also turning towards enterprise business segments, how is Kalaam Telecom planning to maintain its competitive edge? To this, Passi says that the operator is ahead of the curve in terms of innovative managed solutions and since being relatively smaller in size, ensures it’s more nimble than other larger operators. Moreover, the operator is focussed on providing industry specific experience to the enterprises. “Our go-to-market is very quick and our solutions are unique with regional traction. It’s all about evolving and creating unique managed solution experience,” Passi says.  


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