Telcos urged to rethink leased lines

Huawei unveils strategy to help carriers build leased line services to enable new business model
Rotating CEO Xu said carriers need to re-position their leased line business.
Rotating CEO Xu said carriers need to re-position their leased line business.


Carriers risk losing B2B business to cloud service providers; Huawei wants to help.  

At the fourth Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) in Hangzhou, China, Huawei laid out its strategy of enabling carriers build leased line services for the B2B segment, “to navigate the challenges and to seize the opportunities from increasing adoption of cloud services."

Industries the world over are going digital, faster. Companies that once allocated budgets to IT equipment are now buying cloud services, essentially extending to become part of the wide-area networks of carriers. As enterprises seek out cloud services in even larger numbers, providing leased line services for the B2B segment will be a new source of growth for telecom carriers.

Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu said carriers need to re-position their leased line business by improving it in several respects, such as business strategy development, product portfolio management, customer experience management, and network planning and build-out.

Cloud services present both opportunities and challenges to carriers' leased line business, Xu said. “One of the most prominent challenges comes from cloud service providers: They are eyeing the B2B market, too."

"Together with our carrier customers, we will leverage our leading technology and solutions to build agile leased line services with a compelling customer experience. Together, we will face new challenges and latch on to new opportunities," Xu added.

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